Digital Signage In Somers Point, NJ

What can L.E.D Signage do for me?

We are digital signage software experts. From total support to simple setup, L.E.D digital signage software will help you improve visual communication.

How it works
The L.E.D Signage platform runs in the cloud. All you need to access it is a web browser. Our servers are secure, scalable, and built with full redundancy, so your screens never stop!

To present the content on your screens, you need a small device that runs the video and connects to our servers. L.E.D. Signage is the platform with the most extensive list of compatible hardware in the market, with software made for android, windows, mac, Samsung Tizen, LG smart OS, and even more in the works.

Loaded with features
The L.E.D. Signage team works hard to provide you with the best web-based platform possible. This means we have a substantial list of features. With features like scheduling, playlists, and player groups, as we have them all. Instead, here is a list of the unique features which make L.E.D. Signage special:

Offering a comprehensive set of powerful features designed to empower professional signage operators, L.E.D. Signage is the perfect choice when your goal is to fit any digital signage project into only one CMS.

  • Corporate Communications
  • Share announcements, HR updates, company bulletins, and notifications on your digital signage TVs
  • Schools
  • Distribute class schedules, campus news, and faculty announcements.
  • Digital Video displays
  • Make it a digital menu board.
  • Display menus with descriptions, prices, and images. !
  • Healthcare
  • Broadcast clinic services, doctor bios, and practice information
  • Hotels
  • Perfect for event signage boards, concierge infotainment displays, menu boards, and upsell amenities.
  • In Retail
  • Share new products, Spotlight sales, and share pricing by digital menus.

  • Remote View

Beautiful, Dynamic & Powerful
Apps are an easy and powerful way to present dynamic content on your screens. L.E.D. Signage offers more than 100 free Apps for you to amaze your audience. These beautifully crafted designs can be used in landscape, portrait mode, or specific screen regions. L.E.D. Signage Apps support internationalization and font/color selections and can be customized in many ways.

  • 100s of Apps
  • Extremely Reliable Redundancy UpTime
  • User Management
  • Create and Manage Organizations
  • GPS-Based Triggers
  • IoT-Integration Support
  • Server
  • Integration API
  • Offline HTML File Support
  • Custom Font Upload
  • Support for Complex and Nested Playlists
  • Enterprise Features
  • Audit Log
  • Single Sign-on
  • Content playback synchronization across multiple screens
  • Offline content playback and reporting. Players never stop, even without a network.
  • Flexible scheduling rules. Content schedules can be embedded and applied to Playlists, Campaigns, or publishing time.
  • Multi-platform Create the content once and execute on any L.E.D. Signage supported Player
  • Multi-region screen layouts supporting layering and transparency
  • Content transitions are available for full-screen and  region-specific  
  • Custom font and size support
  • Full preview to check contents before sending to Displays
  • Design, search, and manage thousands of screen layouts.
  • Organize with categories and tags to Playlists Campaigns.
  • Create and edit Apps in the timeline Campaign editor.
  • Screensaver Operation (Windows and Android)
  • Multi-region screen layouts supporting layering and transparency
  • Animated content transitions and any font support
  • Full content preview content before  sending to displays
  • Create and search a lot of screen layouts.
  • Use categories and tags in Playlists Campaigns.
  • Design Apps without ever leaving the timeline Campaign editor.
  • Auto Screensaver Operation (Android and Windows )