Healthcare Facilities In Somers Point, NJ

Health Care Security For Your Patients and Staff

It should be safe when you or a loved one are at a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or doctor's Office!

Healthcare facilities require a higher level of security for staff, patients, and visitors. You Need LED has the most advanced security systems and surveillance equipment to protect patients and staff from many safety dangers.

Visitors logs and pass management, Video surveillance, and monitoring to ensure that your patients and staff are safe. 

One of the unique challenges that hospitals and clinics have is access control. Here at YouNeed LED, we pair security cameras with controlled access control panels, so visitors are restricted to the appropriate areas -away from personal offices and patient information. In addition, the video confirms that all sites are secure.

What's the Best Security System for Hospitals and Clinics?

The trained technicians at You Need LED will install CCTV cameras to deter and identify threatening individuals. With HD resolution, AI can understand classifications like humans, vehicles, and more. Understanding such types, they have data-rich decision-making capabilities to detect movement and capture high-quality images while avoiding irrelevant information full-color night vision security cameras provide accurate color images and videos even in low lighting conditions, so you can quickly identify details, such as faces and license plates. using Color at-night cameras. They won’t stand a chance against your system, day or night.

In addition to HD cameras, we install keycard access systems for hospital employees for a fully-integrated, easy-to-use monitoring system.

Attentive Service for all of Your Healthcare Security Systems

When we provide a quote for your hospital or Office, we’ll Prepare our top recommendations for ensuring the safety of your staff, patients, and visitors. In addition, we will make a comprehensive map of where cameras and access control points are needed to provide optimal security.

Our evaluation and security system installation mustn’t impact your healthcare facility’s operations. And Once your security system is installed and set up to work with existing systems, we will train your authorized staff to operate the new integrated security systems. 

You will have complete peace of mind that your medical buildings are monitored 24/7. In addition, our local service team will keep your system up to date, minimizing any potential downtime. Some of the main Benefits of Card Access:

  •  Manage Visitors throughout the buildings
  •  Control access points for visitors and guests 
  •  Prevent false claims with detailed records with time and date logs
  •  Protect sterile environments and control disease by restricting access 
  •  Safeguard narcotics and patients records with card access on cabinets  
  • Guard Lock can Lockdown the facility with the touch of a button