Professional Camera Installation In NJ

Professional Security Camera Installation

Our professional camera system installers carefully select, place and integrate every security system component to ensure smooth operation and compatibility with your existing system. This assures the system operates as intended to reduce security risks. We have years of experience planning, customizing, and installing comprehensive CCTV systems for residential and commercial properties. We offer HD IP-based video surveillance systems, outdoor and indoor camera systems, and cutting-edge video analytics. Our security professionals will take the time to learn about your individualized surveillance needs. We will then design a security camera solution that meets your needs. In addition, we can quickly expand the system and design as your security needs change.

Security Camera Upgrade In the NJ Area

A security camera upgrade from You Need L.E.D can make your property much safer. Live surveillance monitoring cameras can use onboard image-based analytics to capture footage of unusual or suspicious events happening in real time. Unfortunately, outdated camera systems provide a false sense of security. Many older technology cameras provide poor video quality, making captured footage useless. Let our upgraded live surveillance monitoring systems bring you the REAL definition of security you need!

PTZ Cameras

A PTZ camera is a surveillance camera that can pan, tilt, or zoom. In addition, the variant is capable of multi-directional movement, either under the control of a security guard or an automated system.

Multisensor Cameras

Multisensor cameras house a collection of fixed lenses that provide a 360-degree view of a designated area. A multisensor camera can replace four traditional pointed cameras by capturing the same content in all directions.

IR Bullet Cameras​ with Night Vision

Bullet cameras are a great solution if your parking lot is dark and needs cameras that can illuminate the scene. Using dual Matrix IRs, bullets can create 150 feet of illumination. Since bullet’s have a more flexible construction than domes and turrets, they are excellent cameras for getting the perfect angle. Bullet cameras are also great to install on light poles in parking lots to capture quality video of the entire lot.

Vandal Proof Dome Cameras In The NJ Area

Dome cameras offer an extra layer of protection, and they have a vandal-proof casing that ensures your cameras are safe from anyone who attempts to cause them harm. Since dome cameras are lower profile than bullets and PTZs, they are a good solution when you need a camera closer to the ground. Dome cameras can come with a fixed or varifocal lens, giving flexibility with the views they can capture. In addition, dome cameras can have 4k clarity, providing a high megapixel resolution in an industrial-strength shell. And even micro PTZ cameras the size of fixed dome cameras are available. 

Solar Cameras In NJ

Solar cameras are a great option when you can’t get power to your cameras. Solar + Wireless technology allows cameras to be placed just about anywhere without the cost of running power to remote locations. Solar cameras are perfect for construction sites without control, rural areas where power is hard to find, and shopping mall parking lots. The new New Solar and wireless technology for standalone systems has changed a lot in the last five years, and it’s truly a reliable source of power for a camera system.

Perimeter Defender Cameras

Perimeter defender cameras offer analytics that use artificial intelligence to create a virtual fence around your parking lot. Analytics software allows cameras to discern between a human and a false alarm like an animal or trees blowing in the wind. Using IP speakers, intruders can be deterred through a “call-down” that alerts them that they are trespassing.

Facial Recognition Cameras

Facial recognition is the number one thing cameras should have in a parking area. When a crime is committed, and video evidence is submitted, the first thing the police look for is a face in the security video. If the cameras in your parking lot have good IR and sharp clarity, then identifying faces on your security VMS is easy. Utilizing artificial intelligence, cameras can recognize faces and even search footage history to see if that face has been on your property in the past.

License Plate Readers

LPR lets you capture every license plate that enters or exits your parking lot or property. Using a rules engine that can check a saved list and allow and or block access to vehicles with license plates that have been blacklisted and will send notifications to administration, License Plate Reader Cameras can guard against unwanted visitors. Since they’re explicitly designed to capture license plates in a parking lot, they will record the exact plate number every time.